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This folder contains materials relating to the Lecture Capture Pilot co-ordinated by LTIC between January 2017 and September 2018. The software system used was Panopto and the aim was to identify issues and best practice in preparation for the university-wide adoption of lecture capture.

LTIC provides technical support for lecture capture, please see /ltic.nsf/Teaching+Documents?OpenView&count=9999&restricttocategory=Technology/Video+for+Learning+and+Teaching

Some background references are listed here /ltic.nsf/Teaching+Documents?OpenView&count=9999&restricttocategory=Guidance,+Resources+and+Toolkits/Recording+of+Teaching+and+Learning+Sessions/References+on+recording&refresh=true

Lecture Capture: Student Experience & Academic Rationale (380.0kb)

Pilot Final Meeting Slides (1696.5kb)
Presentations by pilot staff at what was meant to be the final pilot meeting in December 2017 - before the decision to extend the pilot to September 2018.

Lecture Capture Pilot Seminar April 2018 Slides (1219.0kb)

Lecture Capture Pilot Progress Report (684.7kb)

Presentation at Learning and Teaching Conference 2018 (1422.2kb)
Slides for presentation
"Words are not enough to express how helpful it has been": Findings from the lecture capture pilot
Peter Chalk LTIC, Kate Morrow HSK, Margareta Nikolic LMS, and Kuldeep Singh PAM