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Parallel session 3

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A software tool supporting a constructivist approach to assessing student team work (464.0kb)
Helen Partou, Lindsay Smith

A web application to support self assessment and peer review (1701.6kb)
Andrew Pyper, Mariana Lilley

Using Canvas to improve student engagement and independent learning (554.7kb)
Jeannette Clark, Helen Monribot

Bringing Indigenous & Minority Immigrant Histories to the Curriculum (16037.0kb)
Keavy Hunnigal-Gaw, Sammy Sturgess, Emma Battell Lowman, Adam Crymble

The effectiveness of online lectures in campus based undergraduate business degrees (12902.3kb)
Caroline Wilson, David Ogle

Practical Reading: outcomes and outlook (3805.1kb)
Ivan Phillips, Kim Walden, Laura Mee

Exploring assessment opportunities in Canvas (2712.9kb)
Helen Barefoot, Karen Clark, Peter DíSena