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Managing classroom behaviour

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 Managing behaviours during Covid

A collaborative approach is the best way forward and this is reflected in the updated Student Charter  (https://www.herts.ac.uk/about-us/student-charter). This reflects our shared responsibility as a community and it is important that we reinforce that everyone has a part to play.


Please do remind students about the notices including keeping 2m apart in communal spaces and  only sitting in allocated desks within classrooms.

Encourage students to use the wipes provided to sanitise surfaces/equipment especially if other people will use them afterwards.

The majority of people have adapted to the current COVID safe guidance. However some members of our community may need reminding of what to do and how to keep themselves and our community safe.

Hopefully you will not encounter any negativity but here are a few hints and tips on how to keep things positive.

You communicate by:

•The words you use
•The tone of voice and other vocal noises you use
•Your facial expression and body language.
The following video is also useful with 5 top tips to approach people and asking them to follow the health and safety policies within a gym environment but which are applicable within our environment.


Please do remind students about face coverings:

These should be worn in lectures and seminars and where social distancing is difficult to maintain

Indoor areas of campus including communal spaces and corridors

Enclosed public spaces including the LRCs, Chapman Lounge, de Hav  Atrium

 If a student doesn't have a UH face covering, they can collect one from main reception on De Havilland or College Lane if they are a returning student (they must bring their id card to collect one) and if they are a new student, they can collect one when they collect their id card (information about this has been emailed to new students)

There are a variety of cards / lanyards and badges that staff and students may wear to identify their exemption form face coverings or to help them inform you that they may need some additional consideration in these times.

Staff and Students may not be able to wear face coverings , queue for long periods, use stairs or follow one way routes where they are lengthy, uneven or incorporate stairs.

If a student you are teaching wants to discuss how they can get exemption from face coverings, please ask them to contact Student Wellbeing studentwellbeing@herts.ac.uk


There have been some incidents of students taking off their face coverings in the LRCs to join in with discussions on Zoom synchronous sessions. Please do think about what you are asking students to do during live synchronous sessions and accommodate the limitations of the environment in which your students may be working (e.g. unstable internet connections /  caring responsibilities (kids home from school) / working somewhere requiring a face covering (LRC / Chapman lounge)).