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Compassion focused pedagogy

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Compassion is defined as the noticing or anticipating of disadvantage to others, and taking action to reduce it. It is particularly useful in managing student group work. Compassion Focused Pedagogy (CFP) can enhance participation, promote inclusivity and improve results.

Teaching Resources for CFP Teaching Resources for CFP
Resources based on CFP and Groupwork, for students with tutor's notes. (Zip file).

* Embedding and Assessing Compassion on the University Curriculum (Part 1) - YouTube

* Assess compassion in Higher Education? Why and how would we do that?

* Video of seminar (simulation)

Teaching with Compassion
Times Higher Education (THE) collection of resources 2021.

* Compassion in Team Meetings Online - YouTube

Compassion Focused Pedagogy Guidelines & Discussion of Group Behaviour
An introduction to CFP intended to stimulate staff discussion. It includes a strategy for introducing CFP to students and a checklist for identifying non-inclusive behaviours.