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Academic Integrity Policy

The UPR 14 Appendix 3 on Academic Integrity (January 2021) is being updated to include university policy on Artificial Intelligence tools, this link will be updated when it is formally agreed. 

The UPR is based on the principles embodied in the Academic Integrity Charter (qaa.ac.uk) which the university has signed up to.

University guidance on text matching software

Canvas has a fully integrated version of Turnitin  so that both students and staff can see their originality reports. Some of the material in this folder refers to the use of individual Turnitin accounts which is still applicable for staff. Here, the term Studynet refers to the new Canvas VLE.

1. The University provides text matching software to students on taught programmes as one of a number of aids to improving their academic writing skills and to promote the concept of self-regulation.

2. Staff use the same tool provided to students in order to assist in the identification of plagiarised work submitted for summative assessment.

3. Students can only access the University’s preferred text matching software via StudyNet.

4. In all cases where an assignment is submitted on-line via StudyNet, and it is of an appropriate type and format, students will have an opportunity to submit each piece of coursework through the University’s preferred text matching software as a means of developing their academic writing.

5. All undergraduate and postgraduate taught students will normally have all appropriate types of summatively assessed coursework run through the University’s preferred text matching software as part of the marking process.

6. The University will support all staff who mark assessments in the use of the text matching software from time to time adopted by the University so that they are able to use the software effectively and that they are competent in the interpretation of reports.

7. All postgraduate research students will normally run their first formal progression report (defined in the Doctoral College Handbook) through the University’s preferred text matching software and thereafter be given the opportunity to run work of their choice through the software as a means of developing their academic writing.

8. Student /Programme Handbooks should notify students about the University’s text matching software and its use.

Alternative Online Assessment Alternative Online Assessment
Covid-19 Crisis Advice for Online Assessment that might minimise plagiarism and reduce the opportunity for contract cheating (use of essay mills).

Turnitin Turnitin
Information on the Turnitin text matching software including how to access it and how to use it.

Academic Integrity Videos Academic Integrity Videos
Videos aimed at students on academic integrity including academic writing skills, avoidance,, cheating, essay mills, plagiarism and consequences.

Useful References Useful References
Useful references on plagiarism

Resources Resources
Short courses and other materials available on open licence from other universities.

Academic Integrity presentation (2196.7kb)
This is a narrated presentation developed by Sharon Korek who was a Faculty Academic Misconduct Officer. It is useful for all staff with a learning, teaching and assessment role.

Reduce the Risk of Plagiarism in 30 minutes
A great resource from Oxford Brookes - How to reduce the risk of plagiarism in 30 minutes.

* Understanding plagiarism - online tool Requires proxy to access from home

* Plagiarism.org

HEA Academic Integrity (1984.0kb)
This report from the HEA brings together key points about academic integrity and discusses how to promote it through sound pedagogical practice and a strategic approach to policy.

Understanding Academic Integrity (1614.0kb)
These slides, developed by Julie Vuolo and Angela Hammond, can be used to begin a dialogue with your students about academic integrity, plagiarism and good academic practice. They include some EVS questions to gauge understanding.

* University of Hertfordshire: Academic Integrity - YouTube

Academic Integrity - School of Humanities
Angela Hammond talks to Claire Weetman from the School of Humanities about Academic Integrity.

Creative Arts Toolkit
The School of Creative Arts has created a Toolkit, consisting of key points about plagiarism and a quiz. You may want to test your understanding of the issues by trying the quiz.

Summary view of Canvas integration (159.7kb)
This is a one page view of the set-up, and the staff view and student view of the originality report in Canvas for Turnitin.

Statement on AI & Contract Cheating
University Statement on Academic Integrity (including contract cheating) (2018)

* Centre for Academic Quality Assurance

Factors possibly contributing to low rates of academic misconduct
Advice note from the School of Education.

Essay Mill Guidance

Academic Misconduct Process UPR 2021
Academic Misconduct and Process UPR 14 Appendix 3

Contract Cheating Checklist (117.7kb)

Contract Cheating Checklist (117.5kb)