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Concerns have long been voiced by both academics and students about curricula dominated by white, capitalist, heterosexual, western worldviews at the expense of the experiences and discourses of those not perceiving themselves as fitting into those mainstream categories.  The massification of HE across race and class lines in the past four decades has fuelled these debates; consequentially, the ‘fitness’ of curricula across disciplines are increasingly being questioned.  Student representative bodies have also voiced the deeper concern that many pedagogic practices and assessment techniques in university systems serve to reproduce society’s broader inequalities.  Many of these concerns have been captured by the decolonising the curriculum movement.

These pages are in their early days and contain materials collected together by a handful of staff.  Our hope for this site is twofold: first, that you will be able to utilise the information to transform their practice; second and importantly that you will become a contributor to this site, as it is one that we think should be in constant development.  Please get in contact with us to tell us how you can join us in taking this work forward.

Peter D’Sena (LTIC): p.dsena@herts.ac.uk

Sara de Sousa (Hertfordshire Business School): s.de-sousa2@herts.ac.uk

Chris Lloyd (Humanities): c.lloyd@herts.ac.uk

Sham Qayyam (Law): s.qayyam@herts.ac.uk

Catarina Carvalho (SPECS): c.carvalho2@herts.ac.uk

Peter Chalk (LTIC): p.chalk@herts.ac.uk

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