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Text Matching Software (Turnitin) Policy

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Student Educational Experience Committee

 University Guidance on the use of Text Matching Software (Taught programmes)

1.     The University provides text matching software to students on taught programmes as one of a number of aids to improving their academic writing skills and to promote the concept of self-regulation.

2.     Staff use the same tool provided to students in order to assist in the identification of plagiarised work submitted for summative assessment.

3.     Students can only access the University’s preferred text matching software via StudyNet.

4.     In all cases where an assignment is submitted on-line via StudyNet, and it is of an appropriate type and format, students will have an opportunity to submit each piece of coursework through the University’s preferred text matching software as a means of developing their academic writing.         

5.     All undergraduate and postgraduate taught students will normally have all appropriate types of summatively assessed coursework run through the University’s preferred text matching software as part of the marking process.

6.     The University will support all staff who mark assessments in the use of the text matching software from time to time adopted by the University so that they are able to use the software effectively and that they are competent in the interpretation of reports.

7.     All postgraduate research students will normally run their first formal progression report (defined in the Doctoral College Handbook) through the University’s preferred text matching software and thereafter be given the opportunity to run work of their choice through the software as a means of developing their academic writing.

8.     Student /Programme Handbooks should notify students about the University’s text matching software and its use.



       Catherine Rendell

       Deputy Director of Academic Quality Assurance

       Karen Barton

       Director of Learning and Teaching


TURNITIN is an online text matching tool, which checks submitted student work against an extensive database of current and archived material and prepares a customised ‘originality report’. It is quick and easy to use, with no need for installation of software.

Turnitin is used by the University of Hertfordshire under licence.



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