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Assessment is fundamental to the successful delivery of a programme of study. High quality assessment and feedback practices are an important component of the student experience. Assessment practices influence students' learning and assessment outcomes are the means by which the University determines that the standards of academic awards are upheld.

The purpose of the UH 'Assessment for Learning Principles' is to ensure that assessment practice supports effective learning as well as ascertains the outcome of that learning. The principles suggest that good practice in Assessment-for-Learning: 

1.         Engages students with the assessment criteria

2.         Supports personalised learning

3.         Ensures feedback leads to improvement

4.         Focuses on student development

5.         Stimulates dialogue

6.         Considers student and staff effort

Guidance on how these principles may be implemented in practice can be found in the LTI's Assessment and Feedback guidance. The Assessment for Learning Toolkit also provides ideas and other resources to help consider, plan and implement effective assessment practice

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