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The Inclusive Teaching team was led by Dr Helen Barefoot 

Email address: h.barefoot@herts.ac.uk

The Team members were:

The University is taking part in the Higher Education Academy's (HEA) programme:  'Developing an Inclusive Culture in Higher Education'. The programme's vision is to support institutions in the creation of an inclusive learning and teaching culture that enables all students to develop academically, professionally and personally to fulfil their potential. The University is one of 16 institutions from across the UK taking part

Within our Strategic Plan (2010-2015), we identify that one of our Values is that we aspire to be "a place of integrity where the individual is respected". In order to meet this aspiration, we need to consider Inclusive Practice in all aspects of work within the University. Our policies and regulations imply equality of opportunity throughout, but ensuring we practice this and promote this throughout our teaching and assessment activities is essential if we want to move to a culture of inclusivity.

Our project included three main strands of work:

1. Toolkit Development -  This activity was about developing an inclusive teaching strand to our Curriculum Design Toolkit, which is available in the Guidance section of the LTI Knowledge Exchange

2.  Building understanding of the attainment gap between White and Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students to inform the Equality Objectives - This work builds on initial discussions of the degree differential which was part of the HEA's 2009 BME Summit Programme.    

3.  Communications - We recognised a need to improve the general messages about inclusive practice across the institution but also work out ways in which to improve communication with those sharing a protected characteristic who typically do not engage in current channels of communication.

Findings from the project plus the end report and links to useful resources to support inclusive teaching are provided.

* HEA project reporting
The initial proposal, action plan and final report (which were all submitted to the HEA) are available within this folder.

* Presentations
This folder contains presentations that the Inclusive Teaching team have made during the project.

* Case Studies
Here are a number of case studies from within the University showcasing Inclusive practice.

* Relevant reports and or papers
The links here take you to relevant policy documents or reports.

Inclusive teaching resources
Here are links to helpful resources to support inclusive teaching