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STROLL Project STROLL Project
Student Reflections On Lifelong e-Learning 2007-2010

* ESCAPE Project
Effecting Sustainable Change in Assessment Practice and Experience. The project ran 2008-2010.The project responded to national and institutional concerns regarding assessment and feedback. Working with two Schools the project developed assessment for learning activities to enhance the assessment experience for learners and staff. It drew together curriculum development activities and change management techniques to investigate and embed the use of ICT to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of assessment practices. Many of the tools, techniques and the insights it developed continue to be used to improve practice across the institution.

* Flexible Learning and Knowledge Exchange
The university has a target that by 2015, 15% of its provision will be delivered through flexible learning approaches. The target is measured at school level and for a typical undergraduate programme would equate to three modules over the course of a three year programme. Underpinning this target is the requirement that we continue to deliver an exemplary student experience. The flexible provision will allow tutors and students to work in ways that enhance delivery for appropriate modules. It will prepare students for modes of continuing professional development that they will encounter in their professional life. The project will contribute to the university meeting carbon emission targets through a reduction in the number of journeys made to the university.

* Staff Student Enquiry Project

* ITEAM Project (Assessment and Feedback)
The Assessment Team works with Schools and Departments across the University to support all aspects of Assessment and Feedback practice. The Team is currently involved in a developmental project called the ITEAM project a joint JISC /UH funded project, which aims to integrate technology enhanced methods of assessment for student support and self-regulation.