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Resources from the February 25th 2016 meeting

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Building on the excellent session in January from Suzanne about the Sutton Trust report, Sarah led a session designed to extend the conversation on “What is excellent teaching at university?”

We took a look back at a fairly seminal piece on excellence in tertiary teaching by Lewis Elton (attached) and considered the dimensions from his paper in the more recent context of what lies ahead in terms of the Teaching Excellence Framework. Elton’s paper was published in the very year that very many of our next intake of students were born so it seems timely to think about how well his concept of teaching excellence as applied to individual teachers, to departments and to institutions may have stood the test of time. And if we accept his premise that excellence by definition is a normative concept, and therefore that not everyone can be excellent, what does that mean for the TEF?

 Colleagues might also be interested in the debate on wonkhe.com particularly on the importance of teachers, and the ghosts of teaching excellence past.