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Parallel session 2

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A feasibility study to explore the student experience of both written and audio feedback (3391.7kb)
Lindsay Bottoms, Lena Hatchett, Charlotte Gautrey, Hassan Khali

Deconstructing the Legal Reasoning Process (1096.8kb)
Camille Pommel, Andrew Pyper, Karen Clark

Flipping Lectures! (770.6kb)
Sean Ryan

Office 365: Class Notebook as an ePortfolio solution for Apprenticeships and Placement Learning (729.4kb)
Jo Austin, Sarah Flynn, Anshul Lau, Amanda Robert

Live In-Class Peer Evaluation and Assessment with EVS (537.8kb)
Steve Bennett, Trevor Barker

Words are not enough to express how helpful it has been: Findings from the lecture capture pilot (1976.0kb)
Peter Chalk,Kate Morrow, Margareta Nikolic, Kuldeep Singh

Using Language Data - A hands-on introduction to Sketch Engine (2968.7kb)
Saskia Kersten, Cathy Lonngren-Sampaio

Replicating traditional paper based multiple choice testing with Canvas quiz functionality (8438.3kb)
Detlef Mueller, Sulanie Peramunagama, Chiaki Kobayashi