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Keynote address 2: StudyNet Our Learning Journey

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In the 20 or so years since StudyNet first appeared we have witnessed huge changes in technology and in how we interact with that technology in every aspect of our lives.  Designed primarily as an environment to help students navigate and organise the virtual spaces that supported their learning, and enabling a blending of this virtual world with the physical environment, StudyNet has developed into a complex system of interconnected services, information and resources.  We are fortunate at UH to have an expert team of developers who have been able to respond to technological changes alongside our own and our students’ needs so that StudyNet has grown and evolved over the years in response to these challenges. We have also learned a great deal about learning, technology and the interactions and tensions between the virtual and physical learning spaces.  Around four years ago, we undertook an extensive University-wide consultation involving staff and students to determine what we needed from our virtual learning environment going forward. That consultation resulted in the development of a set of principles for both the learning environment itself and for the module sites which together make up each student’s individual programme of study.  Through that consultation we created a vision for what we termed the Guided Learner Journey and, last year, through the implementation of a new virtual learning platform (Canvas) and reading list management software (Talis) we began realising that vision.

In this session, Paul, Greg and Karen will take us on a brief journey through the history of StudyNet from its inception to the present day and present us with a glimpse of the future direction and potential visualisation of StudyNet over the next few years.  We hope that it will be both an illuminating look back and fascinating gaze forward at our own learning journey as an institution, deeply committed to innovation and the effective use of technology enhanced learning to transform our students’ lives. 

StudyNet Our Learning Journey (5066.6kb)
Karen Barton - Director of Learning and Teaching
Paul Hudson - User Experience Development Manager
Greg Bowie - User Experience Development Team Manager & Project Manager