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Adobe Connect Recording of Conference

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Please click on the link below to access the recording of the conference events from the Weston Auditorium:

  1. Welcome and Introduction – Sal Jarvis and John Senior
  2. Keynote – Jane McNeil - Research Informed Teaching
  3. Questions for the speaker
  4. Investigating research informed teaching: recent insights and future plans Grant Bage

  5. Rough Guides, Grand Tours and Fantastic Journeys: using maps and narratives to understand processes of learning in Higher Education 

    Erica Liu, Karen Clark, Ivan Phillips and Tony Rosella

  6. Exploring Partnership in Higher Education Saskia Kersten and Karen Smith
  7. Quick Wins for Visiting Lecturers”– Introducing VLs to pedagogic research 

    Lesley Glass, Jan French, Anjana Nathwani, Paul Lawrence, Phillip Sayers, Richard Atfield
  8. Celebration of Success: Recognising our Fellows of the HEA Professor Ian Campbell 
  9. Plenary 2: Dr Suzanne Fergus – Royal Society of Chemistry Higher Education Teaching Award Winner 2016