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Supporting academics in writing for publication: an exploration of potential benefits for students

To Blog or not Too Blog, that is the question?

The Usefulness of E-portfolios for the transferability of employability skills

Moving outside the comfort zone : practical tips for interactive and inclusive seminars

Developing graduate attributes and the electronic voting system (EVS): preliminary evaluation findin

Developing creativity skills

How honest are the students when assessing each other’s work? (310.5kb)

Using Social Networks To Engage Students & Enhance Their Learning

The IKEA approach to learning, so leave the kids alone

Carrots, sticks, and engagement and assessment strategies

From Skills to Virtues: Enhancing Self-Reflection in Student Group Work

Developing and implementing a cross-college student-led HE academic community to support and improve

Communicating with students: social media vs email vs VLE

StudyNet IDOLS Inter-professional dramatic on line scenarios

Embedding employability early in the programme – lessons learned from ITMB programme (4645.3kb)

Navigation-students introduction to research through exploratory methods

Using peer assessment and technology to support learning and reflection (105.0kb)

Laboratory Teamwork to Enhance Feedback and assessment (LABFAS)

Learning and Teaching Innovation in Challenging Times

Inclusivity skills in group work for academic outcomes and employability

The Hidden Metamorphosis of Examination Papers: from Summative Caterpillar to Formative Butterfly

Living Reading Lists: Enhancing students’ learning and research skills through the use of dynamic i

On-line Team Research Repository

Using Flexible Learning to cure the Quantitative Methods malaise

Creating Academic Skills e-Resources to Increase Flexible Learning Opportunities and Promote Indepen

Share, strengthen and develop our Local Cultures

UH Distance Learning programmes through the lens of student expectation (439.4kb)

Developing academic writing across research degrees: facilitating and hindering factors (475.3kb)

Supporting students with Asperger’s in the lecture environment – Strategies and stories from the lec

Not ‘too much too soon’: Student induction as a longitudinal process