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Graduate Attributes: Keynote Address Dr Andrew Clutterbuck (8491.3kb)

Share, Strengthen and Development our Local Cultures - S Fergus (444.3kb)

Supporting Academics in Writing for Publication - A Roberts and K Weston (8754.8kb)

To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question - Ceri Baker (3743.5kb)

Skills Transferability using e-portfolios - M Simatele and N Tsitsianis (1058.1kb)

Moving outside the comfort zone - J Bradley and C Wilson (625.4kb)

Developing Creativity Skills - Beejal Shah (805.5kb)

How honest are the students when assessing each otherís work? - Diogo Montalvao (2764.8kb)

Using Social Networks to Engage Students - E Jacobs (1349.7kb)

Carrots, Sticks and Engagement and Assessment Strategies - Sean Ryan (831.3kb)

The Ikea Approach to Learning, so leave the kids alone - J Murphy and P Cowan (7797.1kb)

From Skills to Virtues_animated - J Lippitt and S Magerstadt (195.9kb)

Developing & Implementing a Cross-College Student led HE Acaemic Community-Ivanovic/Stone (851.7kb)

Communicating with Students - G Saward (270.9kb)

Studynet IDOLS Project - J Lorimer (210.9kb)

Embedding employability early in the programme - M Cubric and A Rainer (2290.9kb)

Navigation - students introduction to research through exploratory methods - R Thomas (3036.8kb)

Using Peer Assessment & Technology to Support Learning - F Lou, S Bennet and T Barker (293.6kb)

Learning & Teaching Innovation in Challenging Times - V Earle (2335.8kb)

Inclusivity skills in group work for academic outcomes and employability - T Gilbert (119.6kb)

The Living Reading List Project - A Dimond, H Singer, J Bilson (2576.5kb)

On-line Team Research Repository - S Korek and K Clark (296.6kb)

UH Distance Learning Programmes through the lens of Student Expectation - DBygate,FLou,KMills, et al (1962.7kb)

Using Flexible Learning to Cure the QM Malaise - KRobins, MCottee, ARelph (956.6kb)

Creating Academic Skills e-resources to Increase Flexible Learning Opportunities - MMacauley (835.5kb)

Developing Academic Writing Across Research Degrees - Oscar Odena (597.3kb)

Supporting students with Aspergerís in the lecture environment- AJefferies and G Saward (172.7kb)

Not 'too much, too soon' student induction as a longitudinal process - S Jarvis (205.1kb)

connect collaborate and communicate - RAllen, C Dickerson, J Jarvis and J Mower (2511.7kb)

Business School Showcase - Business Trips make it Real (9125.9kb)

Business School Showcase - Reflection on the Level 5 Employability Modules (250.7kb)

HHS Faculty Showcase - Graduate Attributes and Interprofessional Education

HHS Faculty Showcase - Evidencing the development of Graduate Attributes

HLE Faculty Showcase - Student-Staff Partnerships in Learning & Teaching (5850.3kb)

STCA Learning and Teaching ShowCase (8245.3kb)

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