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Rooms have been prepared for the automatic recording of taught sessions from January 2019 with Panopto (Remote and Manual apps) installed on the podium PC for the recording of the PC screen and Powerpoint. All the Panopto-ready rooms have a microphone for audio recording. A list of rooms ready for recording is published on the LCS web site and is regularly updated as rooms become available. 

If you are recording a session, please remind students they can opt out of the recording (eg by editing out their voice/image, or by pausing the recording when they hold up their ID Card). The guidance for students includes pointers to effective use of the recordings, a reminder that they must attend all lectures and a warning that they cannot copy, download or share the recordings.

Staff may also be interested to see the UPR agreed in 2018 for the future recording of L&T Sessions, see UPR TL04 on page 14 of the Regulations.  This was phased in from semester B, 2018/19 for staff teaching in suitably equipped rooms.

Non-original materials used in lectures should routinely be checked for not infringing copyright, for example: do you have written permission? Are you covered by an educational licence? Are they licenced by creative commons? Are they out of copyright duration? If the materials are allowed for a live lecture only, you can pause the recording, or edit that section out. If you are not sure, contact your school's information manager in the LRC.

If you have any comments or questions please email RecordingSupport@Herts.ac.uk​. You might also like to view  Guidance videos produced by LTIC and the LCS web site.

An LTIC talk (18 minutes) given on The Lecture: Accessibility, Inclusion and Pedagogy of Recording can be found here (warning: sound level is very high at the start):



Automatic Recording Introduction (2305.2kb)
A set of slides introducing the features of the new Panopto/ Canvas/ Timetable integration, including how to control the recording, edit and share it.

A Guide to Automated Recordings (479.6kb)
Preparing to record, What is being recorded, Notices, announcements and indicator lights, Pausing, resuming and stopping a recording, Considering the microphone, Using external devices including laptops and visualisers, Ending your recording

Editing Recordings (324.2kb)

Managing Recordings in Canvas (496.2kb)

* Panopto Canvas Integration Trial - Guidance.pdf (862.0kb)
This provides guidance for staff participating in the extended trial (semester A 2018/19) and includes:
- Creating your Panopto account
- Creating a recording in the Guided Learner Journey (GLJ)
For help please email RecordingSupport@herts.ac.uk