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Peer Assessment and Assessed Group Work

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The aim of this folder is to provide guidance for good practice in the area of peer assessment and group work. Students working in groups have the opportunity to develop important Graduate Attributes such as developing reciprocity and cooperation and respecting diverse ways of working. Thoughtfully structured group work also engages students with assessment criteria and stimulates dialogue, both features of the UH Assessment-for-Learning Principles. However, unintentional outcomes for the student experience particularly student perceptions of unfairness in the assessment of group work can occur if group work is not planned carefully. To negate this, we are hoping to develop some simple guidance on good practice in the provision of assessed group work in collaboration with academics and students. Your comments on this would be welcome. In the meantime the resources here will help you see how colleagues both at UH and beyond are facilitating assessed group work.     

(Please cross reference to the collaborative group work folder for more resources)

Julie Vuolo at j.c.vuolo@herts.ac.uk

Getting the most from groupwork assessment (140.7kb)
An external resource from ASKe Oxford Brookes on groupwork assessment

Inclusive small group work
A short resource from Oxford Brookes on inclusivity within small group work

'Group work: dealing with free‐riders'
A research study by Barbara Maiden and Bob Perry on managing group work effectively.

* Peer assessment: engaging students with the assessment criteria (270.7kb)
Case study exploring the benefits of peer assessment.

Team working and Peer Assessment The assessment process as an aid to effective learning in creative (174.9kb)

The Group, the Team and the Task Force The enhancement of group work as a teaching methodology (177.5kb)