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This folder contains Covid-19 Crisis Advice for Online Assessment and resources for use with staff and students that might minimise plagiarism and reduce the opportunity for contract cheating (use of essay mills). There is also more general advice and guidance on alternative assessment design that includes types of online assessment that can reduce plagiarism, including contract cheating, such as  personalised coursework, video presentations and seminar/ forum contribution.

UH Advice for Staff
Includes links to videos about Essay Mills

UH Advice for Students
Includes link to Videos about Plagiarism.

Reduce the Risk of Plagiarism in 30 minutes
A great resource from Oxford Brookes - How to reduce the risk of plagiarism in 30 minutes. Assessment design advice in the form of a 30 minute exercise to help you produce a revised coursework design that can reduce or even eliminate plagiarism, including contract cheating (use of essay mills).

Online assessment guidance (450.0kb)
Online Assessment Guidance from UH school sources that might help with academic integrity.

Proof reading guidance
Guidance on use of proof-reading and translation services, to help deter the possibility of contract cheating.

Guidance on Vivas
Vivas conducted as part of an academic misconduct investigation, for example where contract cheating or collusion is suspected.

Turnitin Guide to Online Assessment with Integrity

Designing-out plagiarism for online assessment
By Dr Jenny Lawrence (University of Hull) - includes practical tips.