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Videos by UH

CASE Videos on Harvard Referencing and Academic Integrity (7 short videos made with students in HBS)

Academic Misconduct, Plagiarism and How To Get Your Best Grades (D Pearce UH) 8.30 Minutes, narrated animation.

UH: Academic Integrity (LMS) 2.22 min, student narrated animation.

Role of the SACO (Hammond and Vuolo HUM, 2014) 9.56 min, staff interview on resources, difference between misconduct and integrity, with some background noise.

Student Guide: How to Access your Turnitin Similarity report (LCS 2019) 1.42 min, Narrated Canvas screen grab.

Videos available under Creative Commons, with thanks to the authors

'What is plagiarism' (Susan Wood, 2015)
Animation 2.13 min long. Includes tips on how to avoid it. Plus music, no spoken audio.
'Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism: Types of Plagiarism' (University of Guelph)
slides with spoken transcript by a staff member, 2.41 min long. 
'Departing from Punishing Plagiarism: Toward Addressing Ineffective Source Use Pedagogically' (Eastern Michigan University)
18.32 min -  a student-tutor scenario, including issues of E2L.

Other videos published on the internet, with thanks to the authors!

QAA What is Academic Integrity? 5.17 min long, aimed at students with student presenters (June 2021).

Avoiding Plagiarism (OU) 1.46 min, narrated animation.

How to avoid committing an exam offence (Westminster) 51 sec cartoon, with text.

How to avoid collusion  (Westminster) 47 sec cartoon, with text and music.

Academic Integrity (Huddersfield) 2.55 min staff narrated animation with background music.

Contract Cheating (Northampton) 1.25 min students union narrated animation.

Plagiarism - Saturday Night Live (NBC) 6.07 min (including adverts) skit by US comedy program.

Reading Between the Lines: Exploring the Essay Mill Industry (NTU) 12 min student made documentary.

How do I prevent plagiarism in e-learning? (Ravensbourne) 4.50 min presentation. 

Contract Cheating & Academic Integrity. QQI, NUI Galway.  20 minute 'lesson' for students.

Other resources

Plagiarism Quiz (CTA) summary web page and multi-choice quiz.

Defeat the Cheat (GSM) board game.

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