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Learning and Teaching Scholarship Wiki - sharing expertise

Welcome to the wiki.

Please can you add your areas of interest/expertise and the outputs of your scholarship that you are hoping to achieve

Name/Topic/Output Intentions

Angela Hammond / Reflective Practice and Internationalisation / Conferences and Articles
Janette Bradley / Student engagement and Inclusivity / Raise Conference
Sarah Flynn / Professional Identity and Equality and Diversity and Authentic Curricular / EdD and Articles
Irene Anderson / Staff development and Assessment / EdD and Conferences
Keith Pinn / Transnational Education /EdD
Karen Clark / Technology Enhanced Learning and Disciplinary learning and teaching cultures
Dominic Bygate / Management of change in Curriculum Delivery
Suzanne Fergus / Curriculum and assessment innovation and Student engagement / Conferences and Publications and Supporting Colleagues
Karen Barton / Technology Enhanced Learning and Authentic Learning and Professional studies / Articles and REF and L&T external conference
Martina Doolan / Technology Enhanced Learning and Assessment and Feedback and Collaborative learning and Staff Development / External promotion
Sally Graham / Relationships and networks and Leadership and Coaching and Mentoring / Organising a conference in Summer 2015
Guy Saward / learning engagement and learner identity and Social media and broader technology enhanced learning / Impacting own systems design and processes and Articles
Amanda Jefferies / Student digital experience and Staff support / Conferences and Articles and hosting Conference in October 2015
Fang Lou / Assessment and Feedback and Technology Enhanced Learning / Conferences and conference planning (TEL conference hosting in 2016?)
Helen Barefoot / Inclusive teaching and Technology enhanced learning and Assessment and Feedback / Articles
Barry Costas/Physical Education, Sport, Learner Voice and Olympic Legacy
Helen Charlwood/Learning through Story and Metaphor, Collaborative Enquiry and Coaching&Conversation/ Working with colleagues; possible articles & conferences
Lesley Glass/ Research into staff engagement in teaching and learning/ Inquiry Learning/Student centred and active learning/ Conference presentations
Jan Bowyer/Curriculum design and Assessment/Publications and Conference presentations

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