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UH Assessment-for-Learning guidance and principles

Page last updated by Helen Barefoot on 10/08/2015

In 2012, the University separated the mandatory aspects of the UH Academic Regulations for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Programmes from the Assessment Principles. The mandatory aspects have been incorporated into UPR AS12 whilst guidance aspects have been aligned with the Assessment-for-Learning Principles.

University of Hertfordshire Assessment-for-Learning Principles 2012

These principles suggest that good practice in Assessment-for-Learning: 

1.         Engages students with the assessment criteria

2.         Supports personalised learning

3.         Ensures feedback leads to improvement

4.         Focuses on student development

5.         Stimulates dialogue

6.         Considers student and staff effort

This document aims to support staff to deliver an enhanced assessment process that values assessment for learning. The document has been developed from the pedagogic evidence of assessment for learning principles synthesised (mainly) from the work of Gibbs and Simpson (2004), Nicol (2007) the NUS (2010) and the Weston Manor Group (2007) and the Student Experience Strategy (UH, 2011).