Student Experience Strategy

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The University Student Experience Strategy is led by Dr Andrew Clutterbuck, Pro-Vice Chancellor Student Experience, and supports the overall Strategic Plan of the University.

The Student Experience Strategy covers areas such as:

  • the centrality of the student experience
  • academic quality and academic standards
  • student expectations
  • understanding the student experience
  • the University Students' Union
  • communications and
  • learning and teaching.

There is a link at the foot of the page for those who wish to read the Strategy document in full.

There are fourteen commitments to Learning and Teaching, and many of the resources provided in the Knowledge Exchange are designed to help staff meet these strategic goals.


Student Experience Strategy

* Using feedback from students
This folder contains video clips of staff members discussing how they've used feedback from students provided at the end of modules to enhance their module and/or their own practice. This directly relates to E3 and G2 within the Student Experience Strategy: E3: "We will ensure all staff are committed to knowing about, understanding, and acting upon students' perceptions and experiences "We will communicate to students and staff the outcomes and actions emerging from information on the student experience, expectations and aspirations".

University Student Experience Strategy 2010-15 (327.9kb)