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The purpose of Peer Review of Teaching is to help staff evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their teaching. All teaching staff, even those with considerable experience and expertise, can benefit from periodic feedback and reflection on their own teaching and also from their review/observation of others. Peer Review should be a mutually beneficial experience, with the person being reviewed receiving constructive feedback on their practice, and the reviewer identifying aspects of good practice to enhance their own teaching.

Resources in this area will support you through this process.


Peer Review guidance notes

PRF1 - Peer review form

* PRF2 Self Reflection Form

* PRF3 School Report Form

Camtasia presentation of Peer review of teaching
This presentation provides guidance on the peer review process and considers the benefits of peer review. Staff who have not attended a peer review workshop should watch the presentation so they are confident about carrying out the peer review process.

* Peer Review of Teaching Presentation (3209.2kb)
Please find powerpoint slides to guide staff through the peer review process. The annotations are thoughts from one of the staff groups undertaking the peer review workshop

Journal Articles on Peer Reveiw

Everyday conversation as a context for professional learning and development

Peer development as an alternative to peer observation: a tool to enhance professional development (198.4kb)

Reflecting on reflective practices within peer observation

Evaluating our peers: is peer observation a meaningful process? (110.3kb)

Top tips for a beneficial peer review (348.1kb)

General guidance on giving feedback